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All users are kindly requested to upgrade their software.

MapleXp application

From the following choose installation method that best suites your needs.
If unsure use the web installer.

Web Installer

Web Installer

size: 413 kB, md5 checksum: 7ccd5935efbfc7f3f2c7e0e49d3bd300

Web installer is a small executable that installs all prerequisites and then MapleXp application itself.
This is a recommended path for people installing MapleXp for the first time.

You must stay connected during installation as all necessary components are acquired from the network.

Offline Installer

Offline Installer

size: 6.77 MB, md5 checksum: 0287cd1fd779c5d37972ac0841b40517

Offline installer can be used for installing MapleXp in disconnected environments or for publishing MapleXp on websites or CD/DVDs.

Please note that Microsoft .NET Framework is not included in this package.
If it is missing the installer will try to download it from the network.



size: 3.89 MB, md5 checksum: 517655dd2669452fdffd81e8c233c54b

This package requires no installation at all. Unpack the zip file to a folder of your choice and then run maplexp executable. This portable version differs in two ways from a regular one:

  • no automatic updates are available,
  • configuration is kept in the installation subfolder.

Most recent version
The most recent version is:
Date of publication: 3/25/2013
Frequently asked questions

Is there an MSI installer?

No. MapleXp is published using Click Once technology from Microsoft which has at least two following advantages:

  • it allows for non-administrative installation,
  • it supports seamless updates.

Are those installers for the free or commercial version?

Both MapleXp Express and MapleXp Classic are available as a single installation package. Which version runs depends on whether a license key has been installed.

MapleXp manuals

In case you like reading

MapleXp comes with a standard html-based help system which is available from within application.

If you would like, however, to learn more about this application before installing it, you can download the following documentation separately.

PDF Format - 2.26 MB
CHM format - 2.24 MB

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